Sant Singh Maskeen Ji - Ocean of Knowledge

Sant Singh Maskeen - face
Gianni Sant Singh Maskeen Ji


Born : 1934 at Lakk Marwat, District Marwat, Pakistan
Occupation : Scholar, Preacher, Priest, Theologian 
Father : Kartar Singh  
Mother : Ram Kaur
Elder Sister : Sujan Kaur
Languages Known : Punjabi, English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi
Left This World : 18 Feb. 2005 at Itawa city, U.P., India
Countries Served : India, Kuwait, America, Dubai, Thailand, Holland, New Zealand, Kenya, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, Pakistan, Iran, England, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden,  Norway, Malaysia and Australia.

During the early life, Maskeen Ji lived in Pakistan and Studied at Khalsa Public School. Later Maskeen Ji joined the Govt. High School but were not able to complete their studies due to the partition of India in 1947. Maskeen Ji along with their family moved to India and got settled in Alwar, District Bahadarpur, Rajasthan, India. Maskeen Ji tried to adopt work life and worked as a Railway employee. But Maskeen Ji hardly had interest in other works than joining the company of Saints and discuss with them about religion as Maskeen Ji had a Saintly soul. Maskeen Ji with their knowledge about the Sikh Religion and other Religions started doing Katha( speech, narration, story, fable ). In 1952, Maskeen Ji's Father died and Maskeen Ji started feeling sad. The process of learning and doing Katha continued. Maskeen Ji had no greed for the money received during the Katha and will spent most of it by distributing it among the poor. In 1958, Maskeen Ji got married to Bibi Sundar Kaur but the marriage life had no impact on the Katha programs by Maskeen Ji.

Sant Singh Maskeen - Young Age
Sant Singh Maskeen Ji in his Youth

Gianni Sant Singh Maskeen Ji lived a simple life. They wore simple clothes. Looking at their appearance it was impossible to judge that he would be a such great personality. In Alwar, Rajasthan, Guru Nanak Public School and Guru Harkrishan Public School ran under the guidance of Maskeen Ji. Maskeen Ji took the responsibility for providing free uniforms and books to the students. Maskeen Ji visited many countries around the world spreading the word of Humanity. Maskeen Ji had regular programs in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Faridabad, Kolkata, Bnagalore, Chennai and many more every year. Maskeen Ji were awarded with many awards and titles by Akal Takht, Sikh Sangat and SGPC like 'Gurmat Vidya Martand', 'Bhai Gurdas Award' and 'Panth Ratan'. Maskeen Ji served 40 years of life with morning and evening sessions of Katha at Patna Sahib at Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and at Manji Sahib Diwan Hall, Darbar Sahib, Amritsar at Gurpurab of Guru Ramdas Ji and took no money for this service.

Maskeen Ji wrote many books throughout their life. Some of the titles include Guru Chintan, Mere Lecture, Panj Taat, Brahm Gyan, Guru Joti, Dharam Te Manukh and many more.

book titles by sant singh maskeen
Some books by Sant Singh Maskeen

Gianni Sant Singh Ji Maskeen devoted their whole life serving the Sikh religion and Welfare of the People. Maskeen Ji were away from the five culprits of Greed, Lust, Rage, Attachment and Ego. We can also save ourselves from these by listening to the Katha of Maskeen Ji which teach us the meaning of Bani written by the Gurus in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. To listen to Maskeen Ji, we can search for various audio and video recordings of Maskeen Ji over Internet. You can search the videos at You Tube. Also we can read the books written by the great soul.

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji not only knew the depths of Sikh Religion but also the depths and principles of all the Religions throughout the World. Maskeen Ji were fluent in many languages. Maskeen Ji studied Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh History and Sikh Guru lives. He remembered full Kalaams of the poets like Mirja Ghalib, Bulle Shah and many more. When the Katha was done by Maskeen Ji, it created a Godly atmosphere and everyone was attracted towards their Katha. Such a divine Knowledge was spread by Maskeen Ji, that everyone from every Religion will listen to them and the major crowds were formed at the place of Katha. Sant Singh Ji Maskeen were a true Ocean of Knowledge.



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